Introducing DPAToken (DPAT)

Partner and fund Real estate developers in emerging economies - land, property and infrastructure - Powered by Web3 Technology

Direct Property Africa Token (DPAT) is a technology business building an ecosystem that includes a crowdsourcing marketplace designed to connect funders and developers, enabling the listing and trading of asset-backed tokens representing ownership in underlying real-world land, property and infrastructure projects in major African cities.

The project's initial goal is to disrupt a well established space in 15 cities across 12 countries before expanding to suitable new locations within the continent.

The problem starts and finishes with the availability of credit & liquidity.

The numbers favour Africa’s infrastructure development:

The African Development Bank (AfDB) pointed out that the middle class is expected to grow from 355 million to 1.1 billion by 2050. Thus, Africa stands to reap benefits from the market as it develops and expands its economic and population base. The 200 million people moving to African cities over the next 5 years will create the biggest boom in the history of real estate.

Property and land have provided the foundation for incredible wealth creation by those that invested ahead of time. African real estate is a trillion-dollar opportunity and we saw a way to tap into this market for the average person. We have partnered with experienced local real estate developers to provide liquidity for their projects and build homes, create jobs, improve infrastructure, while also enabling our community to generate ROI.

DPAToken will help global investors invest, sell and manage ownership of major projects across the vast African continent and make investing in land plots represented by a digital registration on a blockchain that serves as proof of ownership (NFT). African developers and infrastructure builders in turn will have access to alternative international funding and capital to complete major projects.

Managing ownership of land in a trustless and transparent way is now possible and although there are area’s we will have to wait for technology to catch up or legal issues we will have to work through dealing with so many countries, we will be well placed to benefit from first mover advantage (FMA). For foreign investors who have always wanted to diversify their portfolio with African assets but have been held back by security and transparency, this is a game-changer.

Creating an ecosystem to change one of the oldest and most profitable industries in the world will be no mean feat. Yet we believe it needs changing because the majority want a more inclusive world where everyone can participate and gain access. Blockchain, Web3 and the Metaverse is how we start that journey.

Africa has really landed on the blockchain and the community now gets a say in what gets built, by whom, for whom, and where.

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