The DPAT Vision

The future of African real estate

The potential for value creation is huge and we are building an ecosystem to improve ownership, investment and management protocols that will alter the landscape.

A change in how we build and finance core projects across Africa, from hospitals to hotels, residential property to commercial buildings is at the heart of what DPAToken wants to upgrade. We have noticed a shift in how real estate is bought and sold across the continent and want DPAT to be at the forefront of that change and adoption. Crypto, blockchain, digital wallets, smart contracts and tokenization is an inevitable industry evolution and we will offer those that embrace and see that change a chance to gain the skills to survive and flourish in the new world.

We intend to disrupt the traditional real estate market across the continent starting with 15 cities in 12 countries by working with agents and developers to increase knowledge, simplicity and security through implementation and integration of Web3 technology into their current processes. Thus, changing the way Africans Buy/sell/rent real estate using cryptocurrency, NFT’s and blockchain.

As Web3 technology improves we intend to be at the forefront of that change. We will offer Web3/Metaverse courses and accreditation for agents and developers to digitise their business and ultimately evolve their business models.

We will work to empower real estate agents across the continent of Africa through technology. Helping businesses grow and generate more sales through faster, easier and more secure transactions. Breaking down barriers to entry and opening borders to a new way of ownership, accuracy, trust and authenticity.

The future of digital African real estate is here. There are many advantages Web3 could bring to the African real estate industry ranging from showing the full history of asset ownership to mortgages and loans or a Metaverse Africa where you can buy digital land for your digital self to live.

Our vision of the future of African real estate looks like a world where you could find a property, offer, complete your legal obligations with digital paperwork transfer and make seamless digital payment all taking place on your phone while you have a coffee.

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