The ecosystem will help the community incorporate all the necessary paperwork, reports, and disclosures for legal authorities to offer proof of ownership.

Updates throughout the project will be available to the community and community members will be encouraged to contribute their knowledge to help the ecosystem flourish and grow.

We expect new team members to come primarily from our community and will troubleshoot initially to our community before engaging third parties.

The mechanisms and tools to secure the integrity of the ecosystem:
  • Consistent Audits

  • Liquidity locks

  • Anti-whale mechanism

  • Automatic Liquidity

  • Buyback

  • Bug bounty programme

  • Deflationary mechanism

  • NFT standards

This is critical infrastructure and it must be managed and developed thoughtfully. The team are working hard to complete the legal and technical research necessary to deliver a project of this scale and have prepared the first assets ready for deployment.

We now ask the community for its support to scale and change the way we do things for everyone’s benefit.

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