How it Works

  • Our experienced team will identify the projects and opportunities in African cities with the greatest potential for long term growth.

  • We will partner with fully vetted and reputable small/large local real estate developers and infrastructure builders.

  • The chosen development project will be split into plots.

  • Each plot will be represented by a newly minted non-fungible token (NFT).

  • The community can purchase NFTs of a project they like.

  • Stage payments are made through the build or infrastructure period and holders can see real time added value with build updates on their marketplace dashboard.

  • The community decides if the highest sale price offer is accepted or the finished project is retained and leased with rental income paid to holders periodically.

The development team will initially only decide whether to buy or sell something; renting will not be an option. However, as the community expands, they will eventually make all buy, sell and rental decisions collectively.

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