What is Direct Property Africa Token and DPAT?

Direct Property Africa is a Web3 real estate and infrastructure ecosystem including a crowdsourcing marketplace for local developers to raise funding for projects in major African cities like Cape Town, Lagos and Accra with fractional ownership using asset-backed equity NFTs, the same way you would buy stock and receive a share in a company or REIT. DPAT is the utility token of the Direct Property Africa ecosystem offering rewards and privileges to holders.

What Is Fractional ownership?

Fractional ownership is when several unrelated parties own a percentage in a tangible asset like a yacht or real estate, thus mitigating the risk that comes with full ownership.

Why African cities?

Double digit growth every year for the last decade.

Why not New York, London, Paris, Tokyo?

The obvious answer to us is economies of scale and openness to change.

Where can I find a DPAT project?

Abidjan, Abuja, Accra, Addis Ababa, Cairo, Cape Town, Dar Es Salaam, Durban, Gaborone, Johannesburg, Kigali, Lagos, Maputo, Marrakesh, Nairobi. We are initially focusing on 12 countries and 15 cities. As we develop legal precedent and local connections we will expand to suitable new locations and continue to add new cities and projects to the marketplace.

Has the smart contract been audited?

Yes, our smart contract has been professionally audited and approved by SolidProof.

Is the Team Doxed?

The project is about the community and changing how an industry works and a continent is viewed. We want people to rally around the project and not individuals. However, we have completed our KYC process via Coinsult with the help of Coinsniper. KYC information about development partners will be available to the community.

What type of projects will be available to fund?

· Residential projects

· Social & affordable housing projects

· Commercial (Office & mixed use buildings)

· Retail Buildings – (Malls & shops)

· Student housing

· Hospitality – (Hotels & Resorts)

· Eco projects

· Hospitals

· Golf courses & estates

· Industrial (Factories & Warehousing)

· Schools

· Corporate schemes

· Infrastructure schemes (Roads, communications & Energy)

Which blockchain does DPAT support?

We have an ambitious multi-chain strategy. We currently support Ethereum however we are working on a number of blockchain bridge initiatives to be released according to our roadmap.

What are the benefits of participating in the DPAT presale?

Being a part of the presale gives you the chance to purchase the DPAT utility token before they are launched on exchanges at a discounted price. Early backers typically have the opportunity for substantial returns when the project is launched. Holders of DPAT will have access to rewards and privileges within the ecosystem including early access to Beta NFT marketplace.

What are the utility benefits and rewards?
  • Swarm Voting and Governance membership

  • Discounted transaction fees

  • Priority Access to new projects and opportunities

  • DPAT merchandise

  • DPAT Legacy program (have a project named after you)

  • Invitation to DPAT events (incl. annual retreats)

  • Investor Spotlight Feature (Be featured in our investor spotlight series on our website or newsletter)

  • Access to Direct Property Africa Masterclasses (on real estate investment, blockchain and more, led by industry experts)

  • Ecosystem participation rewards

  • Behind-the-Scenes project content (incl. interviews with developers, project progress videos, and more)

  • Access to in-depth premium content (incl. reports and advanced investment guides)

  • Competitions to win Safari trips and city breaks

  • Discounts on real estate purchases from partner developers

How are the funds raised during the DPAT presale used?

The funds raised will be reinvested back into the project to implement a number of the core components of our ecosystem including growing our technical team, marketing, upgrading systems, legal team and developing partnerships.

What happens when a finished project is sold?

Once a development project is sold out then capital gains will be allocated based on NFT ownership and profits transferred in the form of utility ready to reinvest or withdraw. A commemorative NFT in the form of unique artwork from African artists designed specifically for that project is minted and dropped to all participants.

How can DPAT operate in multiple African countries?

The DPAT legal team will establish in each jurisdiction a Special-Purpose Vehicle (SPV), which will represent the ownership of applicable assets.

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