What is DPA Token?
Direct Property Africa Token is a Web3 ecosystem providing access to invest & trade in the very best infrastructure projects in major African cities with fractional ownership through real world asset backed NFTs, the same way you would buy stock and receive a share in a company or REIT.
Why African cities?
Double digit growth every year for the last decade
Why not New York, London, Paris, Tokyo?
The obvious answer to us is economies of scale and openness to change
What Is Fractional ownership?
Fractional ownership is when several unrelated parties own a percentage in a tangible asset like a yacht or real estate, thus mitigating the risk that comes with full ownership.
What type of projects will be available to fund?
· Residential projects
· Social & affordable housing projects
· Commercial (Retail & Office)
· Hotels
· Hospitals
· Eco projects
· Golf courses & estates
· Industrial (Factories & Warehousing)
· Schools
· Corporate schemes
· Infrastructure schemes
What is DPAT?
The native token of the Direct Property Africa ecosystem
When will I get my tokens?
Tokens will be allocated to your account via your dashboard. After pre-sale completes, your tokens will be airdropped over 10 weeks, with 10% airdropped each week.
How much can I invest?
There is no minimum. The maximum investment is $500,000
Is the Team Doxed?
The project is about the community and changing how an industry works and a continent is viewed. We want people to rally around the project and not individuals however, we have completed our KYC process with Coinsult and Coinsniper. KYC information about development partners will be available to the community.
What happens when finished project is sold?
Once a development project is sold out then capital gains will be allocated based on NFT ownership and profits transferred in the form of utility ready to convert to Fiat/other crypto or reinvested to other NFT projects. A commemorative NFT in the form of unique artwork from African artists designed specifically for that project is minted and dropped to all participants
Any Early bird discounts or bonus?
Yes, early participants will receive discounts on transaction fees and taxes with real world discounts on land and property purchases from real estate development partners.
Access to lower entry prices and bonuses plus other benefits and rewards
Has the smart contract been audited?
Our successful smart contract audit has been completed by SolidProof and can be found here.