The Marketplace Process

We believe that harnessing new technology, encouraging operational excellence and teamwork can lead to a world of purpose, opportunity and prosperity.

  1. Sign up to the marketplace and connect your wallet or purchase with fiat.

  2. Browse the real estate and infrastructure projects from selected cities including Cape Town, Lagos and Accra.

  3. Buy NFTs representing plots in a project you like with native token DPAT, fiat or crypto of your choice.

  4. Trade/sell your NFT on the Direct Property Africa marketplace for profit.

  5. Hold your NFT and receive profits when underlying real estate or project is sold.

  6. If leasing is available, the community can vote to keep the underlying real estate or project, realising a periodic share in rental income proportionate to their NFT.

  7. Once the underlying asset is sold and profit realised, the project NFT is burned and holders receive profits from the sale in their chosen method to reinvest in other projects or withdraw.

  8. A commemorative NFT in the form of unique artwork from African artists designed specifically for that project is minted and becomes a collectible NFT that can be held for long term investment and traded across multiple third-party NFT marketplaces.

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