Our mission is to enable effortless credit based on true risk, transparency and simplicity. So developers can meet ever increasing real estate and infrastructure demands.

As a team we aim to master both effective tactical development and strategic planning to reach our targets and goals.

We are building the protocol with the end user in mind and are developing Web3 solutions that digitise many processes of the real estate developer/buyer/seller journey.

The DPAT project has clear strategy, objectives and deadlines built into an efficient product development roadmap. We’ve created a pool of reliable real estate projects and established a strong local partner base to support each project with unique local knowledge.

Our real estate strategy is a balance of risk and return, by focusing on developing what is frequently referred to as "bush land" in less developed areas on the outskirts of large cities while also purchasing and regenerating derelict buildings and plots in city centres. This enables us to build visually engaging homes and communities. We do this by applying thoughtful planning through disruptive technology and local partner experience.

The funds raised will be reinvested back into the project to implement a number of the core components of our ecosystem including growing our technical team, marketing, upgrading systems, legal team and developing partnerships. We will cooperate with the largest exchanges, which provide huge exposure and opportunity for existing holders to trade safely and smoothly.

DPAT solutions to problems raised
  • Fund more house building projects to help with housing shortage

  • Push towards transparent governance and policy framework

  • Structured and clear path for real estate developers to access capital

  • Promote a simple and fair real estate tax system to encourage investment

  • Push towards a multilateral legal structure

  • Push for digital currency implementation

  • Cross continent blockchain authentication and verification adoption

The next stage will be the development of the NFT marketplace, where users will have the opportunity to not only buy but also sell their NFTs. NFTs will act as a digital representation of assets in the real world so tokenization breaks down each plot of land into NFTs that operate like shares.

The Non-Fungible Token can be easily transferred between peers and keeps a record of ownership and every transaction, past, present, and future. Our development team will work to implement the most suitable NFT standard.

Community and collective decisions will be the next task and participation will allow users to vote on changes to governance protocol.

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